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China Investment Forum 2017 Held in Prague–CEFC China as Chief Partner Facilitates Sino-Czech Bilateral Investment

CEFC China  

At the China Investment Forum 2017


The China Investment Forum 2017 was held on July 17-19 in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic. With the theme of “An Effective Platform for 16+1 Cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative”, the forum was hosted by the China Economic Cooperation Center and the Czech China Chamber of Collaboration, and fully supported by CEFC China as the chief partner. The forum was attended by a Chinese political and business delegation led by Liu Yunshan, member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the CPC and Secretary of the Central Secretariat of the CPC, Miloš Zeman, President of the Czech Republic, and Bohuslav Sobotka, Czech Prime Minister, along with over 500 corporate representatives from European, Chinese and American companies including Home Credit, Škoda Auto, Czech Airlines, HSBC, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Bank of China, CEFC China and ICBC, as well as experts and scholars.

The forum features a number of sub-forums in finance and banking cooperation, E-commerce, industry and energy, new technologies, aviation and infrastructure, and roundtable discussions in education, finance, traditional Chinese medicine and health, where the attendees conducted in-depth communication in finance, industry, energy, new technologies, E-commerce, aviation and TCM to facilitate the full implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative in Central and Eastern Europe.


The annual event has become a channel for facilitating high-level dialogues and cooperation-related exchanges between China and the Czech Republic, serving also as a direct platform for deepening economic and trade exchanges between China and CEE countries. In March 2016, the Chinese President Xi Jinping paid his first visit to Czech, bringing the bilateral cooperation to a new height and facilitating the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative by enterprises from China and CEE countries as well as the markets connectivity.


CEFC China has been the chief partner or co-organizer of the China Investment Forum for 4 consecutive years. It invited a dozen of major Chinese   state-owned enterprises, renowned private enterprises and cooperative organizations in finance, banking, manufacturing, aviation and infrastructure. With the company’s well-developed network in the international banking sector, it aslo invited  renowned international investment banks among its partners including the U.S.-based Cowen Group and the Italy-based Feidos,  promoting investment cooperation between the international investment banks and Chinese companies in the Chinese and third-party markets,  facilitating the latter’s involvement  in third-party markets projects, and further improving and expanding prospects and areas of cooperation in Chinese companies’ overseas investment.


As the pioneer of Chinese enterprises in Sino-Czech investment cooperation, CEFC China has been actively playing an organizer’s role in investment cooperation among enterprises from China, Czech and CEE countries in this area by facilitating the “going out” of Chinese companies to invest and acquire resources in finance, energy and sophisticated equipment, to undertake major projects and export domestic advantageous production capacity and infrastructure building capabilities. In the meanwhile, it introduced major European consortiums and enterprises to the Chinese market to explore the potential and value of the Chinese market. CEFC China has now established its second headquarters in Prague to invest in financial services, industrial equipment, aviation and railway logistics in Europe with Czech as the pivot point, and promoted the establishment of joint ventures in China by J&T Finance Group and other European enterprises, in order to facilitate the economic and trade development of the two countries, people-to-people cultural exchanges and public diplomacy. CEFC China has been recognized for its important role in bridging the cooperation between the two countries.


In May 2017, Miloš Zeman attended the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing, and met well-known Chinese entrepreneurs in Shanghai. As the economic adviser to Miloš Zeman, Ye Jianming proposed to him in their meeting to build Czech into the center for finance, aviation and railway logistics in the Sino-Europe cooperation, further promoting the “going out” of Chinese enterprises   as well as the connectivity and bilateral investment between China and CEE countries by utilizing its strengths in international production capacity, finance and infrastructure under the Belt and Road Initiative.


As remarked by Ye Jianming, “CEFC China will fully leverage its strength in international investment and its function in investment banking to bridge the cooperation between Chinese and overseas markets, to integrate overseas resources and technologies with Chinese advantageous production capacity and market and facilitate the transformation and upgrading of domestic industries.” CEFC China has been further implementing the Belt and Road Initiative by promoting interconnectivity and cooperation in Czech, Kazakhstan, Abu Dhabi, Georgia and Russia in energy, finance, equipment manufacturing and infrastructure. Apart from making remarkable achievements in investing in countries along the Belt and Road, CEFC China has been exploring a unique global development path as a Chinese company by leveraging its strength as a private enterprise.


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