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Ye Jianming Emphasizes the Integration of Partnerships to Facilitate Strategic Development
On February 24, 2016, CEFC China held a “Work Report Meeting of CEFC Financial Holding Group” attended by Chairman Ye Jianming, who delivered a speech concerning issues of “integrating CEFC China’s strategic resources and making financial planning” and “making the best of CEFC China’s flexible mechanisms to strengthen financial partnership and promote strategic development”. Chairman Ye noted that with unique strategic platforms and a comprehensive strategic system, CEFC China has an advantageous combination of resources, mechanisms and brand. Based on its main business in energy, he added, CEFC China should open its arm to embrace various forms of partnership in all its business areas, focusing on the three-tier structure of partnership supported by CEFC China, and on strategic design and financial operation supported by the executive teams. Independent board of directors should be established for each industrial project to seize every opportunity to expedite the strategic development.
Speech by Board Chairman Ye Jianming at CEFC China Strategic Seminar for 2016
​On February 2, CEFC China Strategic Seminar for 2016 was held at its headquarters in Shanghai. Board Chairman Ye Jianming attended the seminar and rolled out his overall strategic planning. Executive directors, independent directors, heads of the Strategic Decision Committee and senior staff from each executing team also attended the seminar.
Abstract of Speeches Delivered by Chairman Ye Jianming in Several Meetings
Everything develops in conflicts. Where there is a need for development, there undoubtedly will be new conflicts and difficulties. If preparation for addressing difficulties is not done in advance, then development is not possible.
Arise with Strength and Achieve with Goodness
All things in the universe rise with power and end in goodness and eternity. The power is a combination of strengths. The law of the universe is first and foremost the law of attraction. Attraction is vital to a collective. All the power concentrated into one point makes for a great cause, but what to do with it? This calls for a good end. An end here also marks a new beginning.
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